Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


Colorado Springs is the perfect place to be for solitude. Here at Pikes Peak, serenity sweeps over anyone present, giving them an alone, one on one connection with the Earth around them which they live on. This picture does more than enough to show how peaceful Colorado is, and with peace comes soulful serene solitude.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In.

School Assignments

As far as school goes, I’d say this is a fairly accurate list of the order I should complete my work:

  1. English Elements of Literary Terms book assignment (due MONDAY – high priority)
  2. Finish powerpoint for mentorship (already late – somewhat high priority)
  3. Finish chapter 3 notes & worksheet for economics 
  4. Finish environmental science online lab
  5. Finish environmental science test review
  6. Finish spanish Take Home Tutor packet
  7. Reread Things Fall Apart part 2

Here are several pictures of the grosses room on Earth, AKA my room.

Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you.

Okay, I’m going to branch off on the idea of writing about Jim and see where it goes.


My father has been an avid golfer for as long as I’ve been alive, and even years before that. I remember him coming home from golf tournaments when I was really young, and bringing home a bag of neat things that the tournament sponsor gave to all the players. To me, golf was something that dad’s went out to play with other dad’s to have fun, the way I would go out and play with my neighbors to have fun. When my twelfth birthday came along, my dad suggested to me that I should take lessons, and I figured that if my dad liked it a lot, and I liked my dad a lot, then I could easily like golf a lot too. I gave it a shot, and about a week later I went out for my first golf lesson at GolfTec. From that day on, golf has changed my life in ways one couldn’t even imagine. If you had asked eleven year old me if a little white golf ball and plush green grass would consume hours and hours of my life for four years, I would have told you that you were dreaming. I picked up golf in the most competitive spirit, striving for perfection, high beautiful shots, and short tap in putts. With golf came sacrifice, and time after time I put golf before my friends. Anything I could do to get better, I tried. I always looked forward to going to GolfTec, and I think it was mostly because I could practice and hit golf balls while I talked to my golf coach, Jim Stevens, who I really, really liked. I admired Jim extensively, and everything he said and everything he told me to do was perfect, and I’d do it without any questions. Jim was nice and funny, always listened to my input about the problems I was having, and always had a calm, soothing voice during our lessons that made me want to be as best as possible. Because of Jim, I was reigning girls district champion in middle school, even though it was my first years of golf. At fifteen years old, I placed in the top two in my high school district tournament, which took me to regionals, and was able to follow up with the same thing the next year. Golf has given me many top four place medals through junior golf associations and clubs, top three placements in the junior city tournament, and opportunities to play in college bound golf tournaments at great courses like the University of Texas private golf course in Austin, Texas. Through golf, I’ve done things and been through things that I never even thought I’d be able to manage. I’ve learned willpower, and discipline, and the importance of practice. I’ve learned patience, and how to be more consistent, and how to listen better to do better. Although Jim moved out of state when I went into high school, he’s the coach I compare other coaches too. In my process of trying to find another one, none fit the criteria of being like Jim, and words can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me. Because of him, I had the greatest jump start into golf that anyone could ever possibly have, and to this day, I still wish he were here as my coach.

My blood work has come back

and I have mono.

Mono. Mono where I can’t exercise or exert myself to prevent damaging my spleen.
Like really?! My SPLEEN? I can’t not exercise ):  I’m not gonna be healthy or loose weight if I don’t do any physical activity! I can’t think of a time when I recently shared any food, but the doctor said it can also be from something in our tap water, or even the gym. Obviously I didn’t kiss anybody, so that’s out of the question. I’m just frustrated.


If I took out a moment to write out my words,

Would they be heard, or may called absurd.

Would my words be rhythmic 

Or carry a tone?

Would my words be chaotic

And way overthrown?

Maybe if I decided that

I no longer wished to say,

All of my words would

Run out of fun play.

And maybe they wouldn’t

Be full of underlying meanings

Or continue without punctuation

So that the words had no room for


Would my words be unthoughtful

Or too thoughtful to some?

Or maybe I should just as

All’s opinion, so that I could

Please them all.

Whatever that answer may be,

I should pursue the latter,

Which includes me writing here

And now, without objections 

That shatter.

I’m rambling on, although

It seems as if time has barely 


Hopefully to someone,

This time was worth more than

Their last.

To conclude my words, I shall

bid you adieu. 

From now and till forever,

The choice is up to you.

If I took out a…

You don’t have to go fast, you just have to keep going

You don’t have to go fas…

I’ve had all day today

to work on my college essays and yet I’ve done nothing of the sort. My day consisted of:

– Defining a few english words from the book Elements of Literary Words (?)

– Having a few snacks (a few too many)

– Being bummed about nothing on TV

– Pinterest, looking at all the pretty braids I’ll never be able to do myself

– The Wendy Williams show, which I’ve never seen before

– Pacing about the house in search of something that was not, and still will not, be there

– Finding a new social networking site (which lead me here)

– AND making an account on GoodReads.com, which I really like because I love book recommendations (especially ones fit to my taste)


I’ve been home alone all day and it’s quite boring here, just my dog and I.

Shortly (well, less than an hour), my mother will be home, and maybe even my dad too. I’d love to go to Gold’s Gym and get some exercise, however walking around gives me a headache, and my back is in severe pain. What’s new though?