The best fish tacos anybody could every possibly eat

I’m really not even exaggerating here. Regardless of if you think they look unappealing in the picture or not, we all know the cliche line of “never judge a book by it’s cover”, which applies to this very well, although I don’t even feel as if the tacos look weird. But hey, that’s just me, and I’ve had them so many times that these tacos could never look or taste bad to me.

ANYWAY for those of you who boycott fish, love fish, love tacos, whatever, this is an absolute must try on the food list.

Honestly, I feel as if the biggest factor of how good the taco tastes has to do with the fish you buy. This fish is plain breaded tilapia from HEB, and I’m kind of a stickler about this particular taste. We’ve gotten parmesan crusted tilapia, but I don’t feel as if it compares to the regular breaded, however both tacos are very much edible. So along with the tilapia, you need:

  • Shredded lettuce
  • Diced tomato
  • Sour cream
  • GUACAMOLE (one of my favorite things ever)
  • Cheese (mexican cheese or sharp cheddar)
  • Black beans
  • Corn tortilas

On the side, I make brown rice (I’m also a stickler about starches – aka white rice). Some people may prefer to eat their black beans on the side too, but I think they taste great in the taco, so I say do both! If you really want them on the side, have at least some in the taco too.

Nothing. Is. Better. Than. These. Tacos.

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Actually accomplished work this time

and did a ton of my english assignment. All of the definitions are done with the exception of maybe 2.
All that’s left is to find some examples, which I’m hoping won’t be an issue, but who really knows with this stuff..

My english teacher

extended that huuuge english assignment we had until tomorrow, and here I am STILL not doing it, so I’m gonna get to that. At least for a little while.
I need to run over and return some things at Talbots AND attend a rosary tonight with my parents, so I need to get the majority of it DONE


completed day 1 of consuming my slimquick pills 🙂
Can’t wait for tomorrow and the next and the next to say adios to my extra pounds

The diet has a 1350 calorie limit,

but that’s also WITH exercise, which I can’t really do because of mono, but I’m going to aim for 1200-1350 and see what happens after a week or two. I think my breakfast tomorrow will be:

  • 2/3 cup egg whites
  • 2 pieces of wheat toast
  • Sugar free raspberry jelly
  • 3 oz of cantaloupe 

Total: 220

I HAVE TO STICK TO THIS. If anything, If I don’t eat this, I should be consuming something with fewer calories.


the caffeine free version, and at first, when I was at the store buying it, I was so nervous, but now that I’ve gone on the sight and read about it and even joined the slimquick community, I’m totally excited! I’m on the 25 lbs challenge, and the ending goal weight says I could be 103 😮 I highly doubt I’ll go that low, especially without my parents and everybody thinking I’m anorexic, but I’m totally excited that it could actually make me loose a lot of weight.

I’m so unhappy with the way I look now, and most importantly I FEEL with all this excess weight and I can’t wait for it to come off and never ever return. I know I haven’t turned into this obese beached whale, but I’ve never been one to carry a lot of excess weight, and I’m really having a hard time dealing with this.

I’m really so excited, it feels really nice to look forward to something 🙂

Made my dad

a pizza frittata today. It was my first frittata ever and it turned out fairly well except I put too much marinara sauce which made it loose shape in the middle when cut, and frittatas are known for holding their shape so well. It wasn’t that hard though, which I liked, I was just worried about the low broil temperature because I’ve never lowered the broiler temperature from 500.

I’d say the frittata is definitely a good breakfast recipe to keep though, however my dad recommended that without the marinara it would probably be a bit better, so next time I’m going to make it with a few diced tomatoes instead of sauce. Sounds like a plan to meeee

The photography page is up,

but as of right now, it has older pictures that I took from last year. 

More recent pictures will be up eventually!

I think I’m going to make another page

to post all the pictures that I’ve taken that I like the most